Week 15 of Pregnancy

By your 15th week of pregnancy, your baby is about 4 inches long and weighs roughly 2.5 ounces. Right now, the little one is moving erratically (and a lot!), but you won’t feel much of these movements for another five weeks or so. 

Week 14 of Pregnancy

On your 14th week of pregnancy, your baby is about 3.5 to 4 inches long and weighs approximately 2 ounces. Now you have 5 months left before the little one arrives! 

Because their neck if growing longer and sturdier, the little bud’s head is standing more erect. This means that they may lie straight instead of dropping forward. 

Week 13 of Pregnancy

Right now, your baby is approximately 2.8 inches (7 cm) long from the head to the coccyx and weighs about 0.89 ounces (35 g).  

The little one’s arms and legs are growing more bones, allowing him or her to shift around randomly. Soon enough, they will be able to do more deliberate moves. Likewise, they will soon start sucking on their tiny thumb - this will help them develop the sucking reflex that they’ll need when feeding. 

Week 12 of Pregnancy

At 12 weeks, most of your baby’s systems are fully formed, though they still need to mature. These include: 

  • Circulatory system: heart, blood vessels, and blood 

  • Urinary system: kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra 

  • Reproductive system: reproductive organs specific to males or females 

Week 11 of Pregnancy

In the eleventh week, your baby is developing the facial characteristics that will make them unique (and oh, so cute!). This is thanks to the increasing growth of bones and cartilage that kicked off at greater speed during Week 10.  

So, your little one now has: 

  • Hands and feet that are no longer webbed and are growing nails 

  • Ears closer to their final destination and shape 

  • Open nasal passages (from the nostrils to the nasal cavity) 

Week 10 of Pregnancy

In the tenth week, you are in your third month of pregnancy and your baby has passed on from being an embryo to a fetus! Your little bud will continue developing during the fetal stage up until birth. 

So, what’s different now? For starters, they no longer look like a tadpole – distinct human features are becoming more and more apparent. This is mainly due to the development of bones and cartilage. Your baby now has tiny arms with elbows that they can flex, and the legs are growing small indentations that will become knees and ankles. 

Week 9 of Pregnancy

This is your baby’s last week as an embryo before entering the fetal stage. 

Your little one is looking more and more like an actual baby! The tail at the end of the spinal cord has nearly disappeared. 

The face is taking shape, having already a mouth and a tongue with taste buds, as well as tiny teeth in the gums. The eyes are now bigger and slightly pigmented. 

Moreover, all of your baby’s essential organs have begun developing. These are: 

  • Heart 

  • Brain 

  • Lungs 

  • Liver 

  • Kidney 

Week 8 of Pregnancy

Your baby is inside an amniotic sac. Within that lies the yolk sac, whose primary function is to provide nourishment while the placenta is developing. The yolk sac will disappear around the end of your first trimester. Meanwhile, the placenta is undergoing some structures that will attach it to your womb.  

As for your baby’s growth, they are currently about 1.6 cm long, or 0.63 inches. In fact, the little one is growing very fast, approximately three to four-quarters of an inch. By next week, they will have doubled in size – cool, right? 

Week 7 of Pregnancy

By this week, your baby is now about 1 cm long (0.4 inches), approximately 1,000 times bigger than it was when conceived!  

The little one’s size is measured with the “crown-rump length” (CRL) unit – as in, the distance from the top of their head (crown) to the bottom of their torso (rump). The CRL is used in the embryonic stage and can be detected via ultrasound imagery to estimate the gestational age. 

Week 6 of Pregnancy

By week 6, your baby’s face is beginning to take form, particularly the cheeks, jaw, and chin. The ears are also starting to develop, but they’re like little holes that will eventually have the cartilage for the lobes. 


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