How Much Does it Cost to Get Samples? It's absolutely free!

Do I have to pay to register or join PamperedMom.club? No!

Why are companies giving away free samples and products? They want you to get experience with their products and hopefully turn into a long term customer. 

What type of samples can I get? We've partnered with most of the top baby and pregnany product brands. Which means you can get free samples of diapers, baby formula, vouchers for free or heavily discounted clothes and even free breast pumps for nusring mothers.  

I already had my baby, can I still register? Yes! PamperedMom is perfect for expecting mothers or moms who just had their babies. 

Why am I asked for my email address? In some cases you will receive vouchers for free products through email. We also send a week by week pregnancy update newsletter that also contains additional deals and freebies.