Week 9 of Pregnancy

This is your baby’s last week as an embryo before entering the fetal stage. 

Your little one is looking more and more like an actual baby! The tail at the end of the spinal cord has nearly disappeared. 

The face is taking shape, having already a mouth and a tongue with taste buds, as well as tiny teeth in the gums. The eyes are now bigger and slightly pigmented. 

Moreover, all of your baby’s essential organs have begun developing. These are: 

  • Heart 

  • Brain 

  • Lungs 

  • Liver 

  • Kidney 

Likewise, the nipples, muscles, and hair follicles are starting to develop, as well as the hands and feet. Your baby’s arms and legs are getting longer, and soon the fingerprints will show up. 

And while it is still too early to determine your baby’s sex via ultrasound, their reproductive organs will start taking form this week.  

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