Week 15 of Pregnancy

By your 15th week of pregnancy, your baby is about 4 inches long and weighs roughly 2.5 ounces. Right now, the little one is moving erratically (and a lot!), but you won’t feel much of these movements for another five weeks or so. 

Regarding more cute advancements, your baby’s facial features are becoming more and more defined. For instance, their tiny little ears are properly positioned by the side of the head and the eyes are relocating from the side of the head to the front of the face. Moreover, the head is more proportional to the size of their small body. 

Moreover, the little bud’s bones are absorbing more calcium and becoming harder. This is thanks to a process known as bone ossification or osteogenesis. Ossification typically begins around the eighth week – before that, your baby’s skeletal system comprised of cartilage and connective tissue membranes (kind of like a shark!). Basically, if you were to perform an x-ray, their bones would be visible. 

Here are some other major developments this week: 

  • Although his or her eyes will remain shut for several more weeks, the little one can already sense light from inside the womb! 

  • All your baby’s vital organs have formed and their muscles are becoming stronger. 

Meanwhile, the skin is still is still somewhat thin and translucent, so their blood vessels are showing right through. But don’t worry, your little one is growing cuter and cuter by the day, getting ready for the big debut! 

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