Week 14 of Pregnancy

On your 14th week of pregnancy, your baby is about 3.5 to 4 inches long and weighs approximately 2 ounces. Now you have 5 months left before the little one arrives! 

Because their neck if growing longer and sturdier, the little bud’s head is standing more erect. This means that they may lie straight instead of dropping forward. 

Your baby could now start sprouting hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes. In addition, their tiny body is covered with lanugo – soft, fine hair that will keep them warm. As your baby accumulates fat, the lanugo will gradually disappear and be mostly gone by the end of your pregnancy. Some babies are born with a slight coating of lanugo, but this will completely dissipate after birth. 

Other major developments include: 

  • Fingerprints: these are already forming at this time and the unique patterns will be complete in another 10 weeks or so. 

  • The intestines are producing meconium, which will then be your baby’s first poop after birth. 

  • Grabby hands: Your baby is developing his or her grasp reflex; plus, they can touch the fetal membrane and umbilical cord. 

In Sync with Mama 

By this time, your baby can already respond to your mood. So, if you’re feeling happy, they feel happy! Likewise, if you are upset, they’ll react accordingly. If you struggle with anxiety or stress, it is imperative that you learn how to manage these emotions, as stress management will be a vital skill that your baby can develop in the womb. 

Because it is still early on in your pregnancy, the little bud’s reactions are currently only apparent via ultrasound. However, as more time progresses and you continue feeling changes in your body, you will be able to feel your baby’s movements with no need for external devices. 

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