Week 13 of Pregnancy

Right now, your baby is approximately 2.8 inches (7 cm) long from the head to the coccyx and weighs about 0.89 ounces (35 g).  

The little one’s arms and legs are growing more bones, allowing him or her to shift around randomly. Soon enough, they will be able to do more deliberate moves. Likewise, they will soon start sucking on their tiny thumb - this will help them develop the sucking reflex that they’ll need when feeding. 

What else is going on during this stage in your pregnancy? 

  • Your baby can now urinate in the amniotic fluid. In fact, from here on out most of the fluid will consist of their urine. 

  • Their vocal cords have already begun developing. Naturally, you won’t be able to hear them while you are pregnant, but in a few months, you will hear the first cries right after birth. 

  • The placenta continues to grow to satisfy your baby’s needs. At the time of birth, it will weigh between one and two pounds. 

Something important to consider, mama:  

From this stage onwards, your changes of going through a miscarriage or facing other complications are significantly lower. If you have been postponing telling your friends and family about your little bud, now you may feel more confident in sharing the news! 

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