Week 11 of Pregnancy

In the eleventh week, your baby is developing the facial characteristics that will make them unique (and oh, so cute!). This is thanks to the increasing growth of bones and cartilage that kicked off at greater speed during Week 10.  

So, your little one now has: 

  • Hands and feet that are no longer webbed and are growing nails 

  • Ears closer to their final destination and shape 

  • Open nasal passages (from the nostrils to the nasal cavity) 

  • Tongue and palate 

  • Nipples 

  • Fully-formed facial bones 

If you’re expecting a boy, he is already producing testosterone, which plays a key role in developing his reproductive organs. On the other hand, if you are expecting a girl, her ovaries are already developing. However, you won’t be able to tell your baby’s sex quite yet! 

Overall, your baby has undergone major changes since it entered the fetal stage last week. Right now, their tiny head makes up about one-third of their body length. But don’t worry – your little one’s body will continue growing at accelerated rates so you will be able to cuddle a cute bundle of joy in just a few more months. 

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