Week 10 of Pregnancy

In the tenth week, you are in your third month of pregnancy and your baby has passed on from being an embryo to a fetus! Your little bud will continue developing during the fetal stage up until birth. 

So, what’s different now? For starters, they no longer look like a tadpole – distinct human features are becoming more and more apparent. This is mainly due to the development of bones and cartilage. Your baby now has tiny arms with elbows that they can flex, and the legs are growing small indentations that will become knees and ankles. 

In addition to these milestones, the little one’s body has formed nearly all vital organs and tissues. This includes the liver, which is already working hard and producing red blood cells to deliver oxygen to their body tissues. 

These are some other major developments: 

  • Small nails are beginning to appear on your baby’s hands and feet, which are no longer webbed 

  • Tiny teeth are being formed in your baby’s gums, though those pearly whites still have a long way to go 

  • Thanks to the kidneys, your baby is digesting amniotic fluid and producing more urine 

  • Nerves are growing from the spine, which is visible in this period 

  • If you’re expecting a boy, he is already producing testosterone, which is a key player on developing his reproductive tissues 

As you can see, your baby has gone through major changes these past couple of weeks. From here on out they will continue growing and growing until they’re ready to be out in the world and in your loving arms. 

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